Well, I have decided to move my blog over to TypePad.  I started on WordPress not quite sure if I would become and “official” blogger.  Turns out I love it!  TypePad has all the features I want, so I am movin’ on over…

You can find me at www.thirtysomethingmama.typepad.com

Thanks everyone!


We had such a nice day today.  We decided to take the bus over to West Vancouver and look around the Village at Park Royal.  We enjoyed a nice lunch together at the Cactus Club.  Jack was so happy sitting in the highchair eating food off our plates.  He is getting big so quickly.


After wandering around we took the bus home.  Jackson was sleeping in the stroller.  I took a photo of Tim and I on the bus…


Now we are home relaxing.  Watching Jackson almost crawl.  I bet we will see him in full swing in a few days!

Our plans for fun friday 4 changed this morning.  We were supposed to meet Maria, Heidi and the two Liam’s for a trip to Little Nest , but we had to cancel.  After a week of sickness and feeling so, so tired I decided the day would be just about Jack and I.  We took it easy this morning and then headed out to run some errands.  We enjoyed a nice lunch together, picked up what we needed, and headed home.

I was craving comfort food, so I made a little pork roast, sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts.  Not too bad.

Unfortunately I didn’t pull my camera out once today, so I have no pictures to share.  This post sucks…

Hope to share something fun over the weekend.

We had such a bad night last night.  After a fabulous day together relaxing I was thinking everyone (especially Jack) would go to bed well.  He woke up at 11pm crying.  Nothing would soothe him.  It went on and on throughout the night.  I have never heard him so upset.  I am almost positive he has a sore throat.  I think we got maybe 2 hours sleep.  Then off to work for the early shift.  I am tired…and my poor little guy has had a rough time. 

Today he was with his grandma.  She takes such good care of him.  I caught a little of his usual self when he wasn’t looking…


Do you see that cute little face peeking in the mirror?

Hope we have a better night tonight.

It turned out to be a beautiful day here in Vancouver.  Cool and sunny, just the way I think winter should be.  My day has been spend doing laundry and trying to get Jack down for a rest.  He finally caved and the hour and a half  I had to myself was spent sewing. 


My 1st attempt at a bag following Lotta’s instructions.  A few mistakes, which I am not pleased about, but it’s all learning, right?!  I think it will make a good lunch tote for me to carry to work.

And then to the best part of the day, an evening with my two favourite ladies.  Heidi, Maria and I planned a dinner out many weeks ago and finally got to enjoy it.  We picked Goldfish Pacific Kitchen from the Dine Out Vancouver list.  When we got there we had a change of plans and decided to not do Dine Out, but instead order off the menu.  The food was good.  The company even better.


Looking forward to next time!

Jackson and I were very excited to have a visit with Maria and Liam today.  We had to cancel our plans last week because Jack was not well.  It felt like along time since we had last seen each other.

We met over on South Granville for a little walking, shopping and lunch.  Jack loved the bus ride (as usual).


We had a lovely time wandering.  We really wanted to go to Rangoli for lunch, but it was way to packed and too small for us and our two strollers.  Next time, when we are “baby free”.  We ended up at Ouisi Bistro.  Not fantastic, but just fine and plenty of room for our little guys.

We then went to Chapters to let the squirmy boys out of their strollers.  Jack like to sit and take it all in…


Liam practiced walking.  Yeah Liam!…


Then we headed to T tearoom for a yummy lattea and biscotti.  Always a wonderful time spent with special friends.

Of course fun Friday is especially fun when I get time with my little guy…


I am so excited!  I completed my 1st sewing project.  I used a pattern from Lotta Jansdotter simple sewing book and made a cafe apron.


I very pleased with it.  Now what’s next?!